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3 Dimensional Philosophy of Omnicourse Company Organization:

At Omnicourse, we see every company role as a combination of 3 dimensions:

1. Expertise: Your ability to contribute to a solution with knowledge and experience.

2. Authority: Your influence on the decision to shape a solution.

3. Accountability: Your responsibility about the decided solution.

We build our company on balanced roles, because:

  • Expertise without enough authority and accountability gets wasted.
  • Authority without enough accountability and expertise gets misled.
  • Accountability without enough expertise and authority gets aimless.
  • Expertise and authority without enough accountability lowers trust.
  • Authority and accountability without enough expertise lacks results.
  • Accountability and expertise without enough authority gets stuck.

At Omnicourse:

  • Authority should grow only when accountability grows.
  • Accountability should grow only when expertise grows.
  • Expertise grows by solving problems.

Work means problem solving.

If we are not solving any problems today, we will not exist in the future. As long as we solve new problems everyday, we will create value for our customers.

We focus on solutions.

Within Omnicourse, we have no respect for complaints unless they include an effort to solve a problem. Omnicourse, as a whole, exists to solve a definite problem:

We want to make it easier for people to share knowledge.

  • Every human being has a potential to make their life, health and career better.
  • Technology helps us to solve problems to make this possible.
  • Every new technology or problem gives us a chance to advance our solutions.
  • For this end, we follow these 3 values:
  • Respect,
  • Efficiency,
  • and Balance.

1) Respect

  • Respect for Personal Life: The company and team leaders respect every employee’s personal life, privacy and dignity. The company expects every employee to respect others’ personal lives, privacy and dignity.
  • Respect for Personal Approach: We cannot manage human beings, we focus on managing the process. All company and team leaders at Omnicourse give team members the space they need to find their own solutions. Every employee has the right to reach the solution in their way as long as they come up with a result that is compatible with the whole as defined.
  • Respect for Others’ Work: No employee can measure another’s workload and workflow unless they lead them. Comparing one’s performance with another without complete information is toxic at work environment.
  • Respect for Accountability: All our competitors are working hard to achieve something. We never underestimate their hard work. We look for what they do right and try to get inspired from them.
  • Balancing Perfectionism with Action: All our competitors are working hard to achieve something. We never underestimate their hard work. We look for what they do right and try to get inspired from them.
  • No Respect for Violence: Omnicourse does not respect freedom for any idea which encourages violence against any person or a group of people. This includes statements made in one’s personal life, because when you are at work, you bring your mind to work.

2) Efficiency

  • Efficient Workflow: An organized workflow brings peace of mind to everyone on their responsibilities. Workflow is a chain where each action affects others. Recurring problems should not be avoided by momentary shortcuts but be solved by organized solutions.
  • Efficient Meetings: Any meeting without results is a break forced on others. Every meeting should have a solid agenda and should end with new to-dos on that agenda.
  • Efficient Documentation: Organizations lose a lot of time while people try to reach an information through others. A clear and organized system of archiving and task management is essential for us. Any information should be within the reach of everyone who has the responsibility to know it. Making this possible is a part of the job description for everyone at Omnicourse.
  • Efficient Laziness: Working hard to bring a high quality result is valuable. Finding easier solutions to bring the same high quality result is invaluable.
  • No Respect for Status Quo We are never convinced by “It is always done this way”. This does not mean that we look for change for the sake of change. We always look for more efficient and better ideas. We question for the sake of solutions.

3) Balance

  • Balancing Knowledge with Openness: Creative solutions always come from unexpected views. We believe that experience is valuable but never absolute. In the company, everyone should value others’ suggestions about their field of responsibility.
  • Balancing Expertise with Doubt: Teaching is the best way to learn. Well-intentioned questioning from the novice forces the expert to improve. To let others have a holistic idea of their work, everyone at Omnicourse is encouraged to answer others’ solutions in their field.
  • Balancing Disagreement with Professionalism: An effort to solve a problem together can naturally lead to disagreement. Any disagreement on a work task should end with the decision on that task.
  • Balancing Perfectionism with Action: No problem is solved unless we take action. We accept that we can never know what will be most useful or beneficial unless we test it. We aim at continuously improving every product after it launches instead of trying to perfect it before.
  • Balancing Efficiency with Respect: Our dedication to efficiency shall never make us forget that our company is based on human beings