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Share your expertise

Build a course only with your voice without needing to be on camera.

Market yourself

Showcase all of your social accounts on Omnicourse to be discevered.

Earn royalty

Omnicourse shares %40 of the revenue with the creator community as a royalty, by the minutes listened.

Get support

Our Creator Relations Team ready to support you on anything from technical issues to course planning.

How it works?

Just a couple of seamless steps:


Apply to Become a Creator"

Join a community of respected experts today if you consider yourself to be one.

You must be 18 years or older to be a teacher on Omnicourse and comply with the Creator Terms and Conditions.

Complete Your Profile

Share more info about you. Whatever you want to add The field of your expertise, biography and your social links.

You must be 18 years or older to be a teacher on Omnicourse and comply with the Creator Terms and Conditions.

Build your content

We will help and support you all the way ―from outlining your content to recording it.

Before everything else, check our Content Guideline to have a better idea.

Share your idea, your content outline and a sample recording with us via

You will get our guidance from us where you need it.


Publishing your content

Using our web panel, you can upload your content and send it for review. Our Creator Web Panel is being prepared and will be ready soon to let you gain insights from your courses, track your earnings and relevant metrics.


Earn royalties

Creators earn royalties for every minute that learners listened on Omnicourse. 40% of Omnicourse's subscription revenues is distributed among creators according to their share in monthly listening minutes.

Omnicourse for Creators

Frequently asked questions

How do creator payouts work?

40% of Omnicourse's subscription revenues is distributed among creators according to their share in listening minutes. These shares are calculated monthly. Every time a creator reaches the $50 payout threshold, they can receive their payout in the next month. Payout threshold is lowered to $40 after you publish at least 5 learnbites or episodes.

Who can teach on Omnicourse?

Omnicourse creators are professionals, experts, and subject matter enthusiasts. Apply with a great idea, and we'll review it in 24-48 hours. If we reject your idea, we always provide constructive feedback to let you update your learning content with ease. On the other hand, if we approve your vision, it will hopefully start an incredible ride and a good relationship.

How can podcasters benefit from Omnicourse?

Omnicourse is designed to help podcast creators reach new audiences as they teach. Audio learning can never replace a fun, high quality podcast. Omnicourse here to add a new dimension to your connection with your audience. The more expertise you show here, the more people will want to listen to your podcasts.

Can teaching on Omnicourse support my business?

At Omnicourse, we believe that work means problem solving. If you have a business, you probably have valuable answers to people's questions. Maybe you are a psychiatrist, an event planner or a digital strategist. Every business has something to teach. Giving a hint of your expertise as an audio course will make more people know about you and they will want to contact you. You can realize this plan on Omnicourse.

What's included in an audio course?

Audio courses include an outline of organized and to-the-point learning content and the description and title. Therefore, you should outline your course content first, enrich it with great examples, then record it. After you share your content and audio files with us, we will review them 24-48 hours and publish them on the Omnicourse platform.

What's included in a Learnbite?

Learnbites are unique in style and 5-to-15 minute learning content bits. Creators should provide the title, the description, the audio file, and the lesson notes for Learnbites. They are designed to capture the listeners' attention while eating a sandwich or waiting for a friend. So, the information density in a Learnbite is crucial.

How to record an audio course?

Audio courses are fabulously enjoyable formats to use. One can take the course of their dreams and create a course that's engaging, educational, and entertaining all at once! We recommend picking up an affordable podcasting microphone with a pop filter attached (or else you might accidentally remove your nose or cheeks from the recording!) Although in some cases, they made do with just their smartphone's built-in microphone – it doesn't matter what equipment you have as long as your content is interesting enough for people to listen! Omnicourse team is preparing some YouTube videos for tips, tricks, and techniques to record fantastic audio courses and audio learning content.

How to prepare an outline for an audio course?

Audio courses on Omnicourse are 40-to-240-minute organized audio contents. Therefore, it's imperative to split them into 5-10 minutes lectures.

How to prepare an outline for a Learnbite?

A Learnbite is a standalone audio file with a description and lesson notes. It has to be a 5-to-15 minute-long learning content that you know as an expert. It can not be an excerpt of a book or a chapter of a book. It can not be copyrighted material.

Why create on Omnicourse?

Let's take a closer look. The more minutes that your learners spend on your course, the more money you'll get paid. Get free exposure to students worldwide, and we'll help you promote & manage your community. It's also completely free of charge.

How do creators get paid?

We use a unique, multilevel payout structure to incentivize educators. We set aside 40% of our revenue every month and distribute that among the course creators. You'll earn more from your courses based on the number of minutes learners spend listening to them. Our unique algorithm rewards creators by the course reviews, as well. Based on the popularity of your course, calculated by the minutes listened and reviews, you will earn your percentage from the creator royalty pool.

How do courses be promoted?

Omnicourse invests in marketing, sales, and more technical disciplines of learner-attracting efforts to expand its listener community above and beyond. Our team of professionals always finds new ways to reach wider and interested audiences. Sharing your courses and content on social media or other platforms would be better; we will help and support you with all the information you need. Soon, we have plans to give creators incentives by giving their audiences incentives to reach their audiences and attract them to the Omnicourse community.

What about copyrights?

As the creator and owner of a course or learning content, you have full rights to any content you create. This includes audio files and descriptive texts. You can do virtually anything that you want with your course material and retain full rights. We also retain the right to promote your content elsewhere. If you choose to publish your content on a different platform, you can do so as long as the said platform is not free. Otherwise, we have to remove your content from Omnicourse.

How to contact Omnicourse?

Omnicourse has a direct line of communication with creators. When our Creator app launches, the app will feature a live chat support module. Until then, you can contact us via our email: We answer creator emails in 24 hours.

What are the perks?

Creators have access to entire Omnicourse catalogue for a month after their new content is published. For the first 100 creators, Omnicourse adds 2 extra months to this perk.

Ready to get started?

Join our global community of respected experts, podcasters, and instructors. Take advantage of becoming an early adopter of our platform. Build your presence in the latest playground of the audio landscape.

Become a creator on omnicourse audio course platform APPLY Become a creator on omnicourse audio course platform BOOK AN ONLINE CALL