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Why Meditation Stopped Working For Me

Meditation was introduced to me, like most of us, in a mainstream way. That led me to the same patterns I wanted to uncover and end, yet now it only changed their form to hide yet again. In this course, I will explore my own journey and perspective with the hope that it leads you to re-explore yours

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Ayham Kader

This course has been inspired by the body of Jiddu Krishnamurti's work. And here, the word inspired means, for me, carrying on or taking forward the perceived importance and necessity of freedom and creativity in daily living.

About the Creator

Ayham Kader

Ayham Kader is a holistic dialogue facilitator, artist & consultant. He runs Tripute, a holistic outlet for individuals and their work and they both share the same motto 'Freedom is not a right but a responsibility'

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