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Human Mind & Mental Health

Overthinking Overhauled

Let us unpack, together, the deep workings of thinking and figure out lies beyond it

00:48:09 hrs
3 Lessons


Ayham Kader

This course is inspired by the works of Jiddu Krishnamurti and David Bohm. This course is not scripted, it was recorded as a dialogue between the people attending it. In a way, one should approach this course with a meditative perspective.

Our Traditional Way to Understanding


The Depth of Thinking Encountered


The Vast Space Beyond Thought


About the Creator

Ayham Kader

Ayham Kader is a holistic dialogue facilitator, artist & consultant. He runs Tripute, a holistic outlet for individuals and their work and they both share the same motto 'Freedom is not a right but a responsibility'

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