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Human Mind & Mental Health

Holistic Dialogue, A Foundation Course

An authority-free alternative to coaching, therapy & counseling - a serious space for collective exploration & inquiry into culture & the individual

01:09:27 hrs
7 Lessons


Ayham Kader

In this course, Paul Dimmock and myself, Ayham Kader, will under go a holistic dialogue in real time. Going into the theme/ or topic of the foundation of holistic dialogue. We thought that the best way to do this course is to both explain and demonstrate simultaneously through having a live holistic dialogue among ourselves to both, show and go into, whatever is at hand.

Why to Dialogue Holistically


The Construct of the Approached Self


Holistic Attitude


A Question of Change


Faced with Existentialism


Complete Action


Wrap Up and an Invitation


About the Creator

Ayham Kader

Ayham Kader is a holistic dialogue facilitator, artist & consultant. He runs Tripute, a holistic outlet for individuals and their work and they both share the same motto 'Freedom is not a right but a responsibility'

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