omnicourse ― Grow your skills with audio courses

Our mission

Giving knowledge a voice

Omnicourse believes audio makes it easier for experts to bring their knowledge to life and that the world needs a simple platform where expertise can be shared.

Our intent

  • Simplifying eLearning
  • Empowering teaching
  • Bringing knowledge to life

Our name

According to Urban Dictionary, 'Omnicourse' is
  • A powerfully connecting experience.
  • To experience someone in a complete and utterly all encompassing fashion.
  • To reciprocally share ones physicality, feelings, thoughts, memories & more.
That about sums us up.

Create. Share. Learn.

We all spend too much time staring at screens. Omnicourse is an accessible way to learn. You don't need to focus on your screen; you don't have to leave everything aside; you need to put on your headphones and listen to learn ―while doing whatever you want to be doing.

Omnicourse enables learners to step away from the screen and consume without distractions. Audio courses are great for commuting, running, or doing housework.

With Omnicourse, you can turn your spare listening time into productive learning time.

We provide a solution to the knowledge gap; you learn at your own pace.

eLearning as an industry is changing, and creators feel that change. Without messy video editing and technical expertise, they want a platform to share what they know conveniently.

Omnicourse provides creators with all the tools and helps them share what they know on the Omnicourse platform.