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Omnicourse - Grow your skills with audio courses | Product Hunt Omnicourse - Grow your skills with audio courses | Product Hunt

Spotify of eLearning

Omnicourse is a subscription-based mobile audio learning platform where experts get paid by the minutes listened.

Omnicourse continuously grows its audio learning catalog with experts on every category; its recommendation engine gets smarter with every user interaction. Learn with audio while commuting, running, or doing housework.

Short and actionable

From 5-minute Learnbites to 2-hour capsule courses, Omnicourse has all you need

More than 100+ topics

Across 18 main categories, Omnicourse has more than 100 topics to choose from

From the world’s best

Omnicourse only works with creators, lecturers, and instructors with world-class credentials

Insightful audio lessons

From 5-minute learning bits to 4-hour full courses, Omnicourse provides you with insightful audio lessons. Listening to Omnicourse, you will gain the knowledge and grit you need to reach your full potential.

With Omnicourse, we try to create a simple and easy way for people to gain new knowledge in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee. We bring learning to your pocket.

Short-form learning content

Omnicourse has Learnbites. Different from full courses, Learnbites are 5-to-15 minute bite-sized learning content.

Whether you’re eating a sandwich or waiting for a friend, you can listen to a Learnbite in such small time and learn something new.

With Omnicourse, listen on the go and learn anywhere, at any time.

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Tell, don’t show

Creators and lecturers, share what you know with audio. Build your personal brand, meet with Omnicourse’s early adapters and earn cash while doing it. Omnicourse has what you need!

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They love Omnicourse

Koray Bahar
CEO @ Figopara

“Omnicourse has information and expertise that is concise and I’m very impressed with the quality of the courses all around. Its format is great for fitting into my day.”

David Henzel
Co-Founder & CEO @ Upcoach

“Great app for someone with a desire to learn. Thanks, Omnicourse for feeding my brain while working out!”

Ari Bencuya
Co-Founder & CEO @ Synthesized

“Because I have to focus on them, video learning is so time consuming; that’s because Omnicourse’s audio courses are perfect match for me. I love the actionable takeaways.”